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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1st Annual Hastings County Beer Festival

Jed Corbeil and Curt Dunlop, the affable publicans of the Griffin Gastropub in Bracebridge, ON and the founders of Session 99 and Muskoka Craft Beer Festivals, are taking their show on the road.

On Saturday October 15th, during two separate tasting sessions, the two men will bring Hastings County their first every beer festival when they crash the village of Stirling - Hastings County Beer Festival.

There will be many Ontario craft beers available to sample, along with Prince Edward County Wines and Ciders, educational cheese tastings, music and much more. Check out their website for more information -

Session 1 - 12pm-3pm
Session 2 - 5pm-8pm
$40 includes tax, food & 10 beer tickets!

Hastings County Museum of Agricultural Heritage
437 Front Street West
Stirling, Ontario

Monday, September 26, 2011

Video - Muskoka Brewery Mad Tom IPA Print Ad

Here's a cool little video from Muskoka Brewery about the making of their Mad Tom IPA print ad.

from on .

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beau's Oktoberfest - Speaker Series

Speaker Series Topics

Voulez Vous Brassée Avec Moi, Ce Soir: Collaborative Beer Making
Anders Kissmeyer has been travelling the globe, brewing collaboratively with some of the foremost brewers of our time. Talking about the process of collaborating with other brewmasters, he will share the stories he’s collected, talk about brewing eccentricities and quirks in different countries and describe the possibilities and challenges faced in being a gypsy brewer, sharing someone else’s brewery.

When? Fri 5pm & Sun 5pm Details $10, includes 4 x 4oz beer samples.

Lagered Ales, The Reinheitsgebot, Martin Luther and Smokin' Banana Peels: A (Very) Condensed Social History of Brewing in Germany
Stephen Beaumont has travelled Germany from Berlin to Bavaria, drinking beer all the way, and used his experiences to pen the German chapter of the soon-to-be-released World Atlas of Beer. Join him as he shares his thoughts and memories, adding snippets of German brewing history along the way, some of which will actually be true! Oh, and there will be beer, too.

When? Fri 4pm & Sat 3pm Details $10, includes 4 x 4oz beer samples.

Warm & Flat - Some Guys are into That: Cask Beer
Like many mature beer markets, the British beer market is declining, but traditional Cask-conditioned and Premium Bottled Ale is bucking the trend big style. Brewer and Author Alex Barlow talks through the nature of Cask beer and its growing appeal in the UK and abroad.

When? Fri 2pm & Sun 4pm Details $10, includes 4 x 4oz beer samples.

A Brewer, a Somelier and a Wheel of Cheese Roll into a Bar
Brewer and author Alex Barlow, Cheesemaker Andrew Laliberte and Sommelier Jamie Drummond have a candid chat about the phenomenon of pairing beer with cheese. Alex and Andrew will present 4 pairings and Jamie will give his take as a wine expert on the pairings. Can beer and cheese pass the muster? Come find out for yourself and let your tastebuds judge, too!

When? Fri 6pm, Sat 2pm & Sun 2pm Details $10, includes 4 x 4oz beer samples... and cheese!

Les Biéres du Quebec (Bilingual)
Details to be announced...

Sharing the Stage: Indie Music & Indie Beer
If every craft brewery is half staffed by musicians, why is it the beer is often horrible at music festivals and live venues? This panel discussion will be moderated by Steve Beauchesne - co-founder of Beau’s (and old school punk rocker), Stephen Beaumont - world renowned beer author (and former columnist for Maximum Rock and Roll), Wayne Petti - lead singer of Cuff the Duke (and craft beer enthusiast) and Andrew Bartle - brewer at Amsterdam (and drummer of the Natural Shocks). The group will discuss the many similarities between independent brewing and indie music, share some of their own stories from the music and beer world and talk about the challenges faced in bringing these two star-crossed lovers together.

When? Sat 4pm Details $10, includes 4 x 4oz beer samples.

Cheers! Skaal! Santé! The Worldwide Craft Beer Movement
Join Danish brewer Anders Kissmeyer, British brewer and author Alex Barlow and brewer Stephane Ostiguy from Dieu de Ciel as they discuss upcoming trends and exciting happenings in the world of beer. These three have travelled and brewed in all corners of the planet and will share their experiences and talk about what is about to come in craft brewing.

When? Sat 5pm Details $10, includes 4 x 4oz beer samples.

Meet the Beau's Brew Team
Join Master Brewer Matthew O’Hara and his brewers as they describe the Beau’s philosophy and answer questions relating to the crafting of deliciousness.

When? Sun 3pm Details $10, includes 4 x 4oz beer samples.

Ontario Craft Beer
Details to be announced...

Speaker Bio's

Alex Barlow -
Alex was brought up in Chester, North West England and in Zambia, Africa. His passion for beer started with his first job, as cellar-man at his local pub. With over 25 years experience, he’s a qualified Master Brewer, International Beer Judge, Beer Sommelier and author of the ALL BEER Guide, winner of four International awards including ‘Worlds Best Beer Book’

Alex’s mission is to change people’s perceptions about beer, to get more people, especially women, drinking a wider range of beers on more occasions. He believes beer’s superior spectrum of flavours make it the ideal partner for food, yet beer is rarely matched with food in its natural home – the pub, let alone for fine dining. He wants to change that.

Stephen Beaumont -
Stephen Beaumont has the job everyone wants, travelling the globe in search of the next great beer, spirit or cocktail. When he does set his feet in one place for a while, he can usually be found writing about his tasting adventures in books or magazine articles, blogging them on the web at, or talking at tutored tastings, drinks festivals and beer- or spirits-themed dinners.

Stephen is the author of six books, including The beerbistro Cookbook, which he co-wrote with Chef Brian Morin. His next project is The World Atlas of Beer, which he is co-authoring with British writer Tim Webb, scheduled for publication in 2012.

Beau's will be making a donation to the MS Society of Canada on behalf of Stephen Beaumont in lieu of a speaking fee for his appearance.

Jamie Drummond
Jamie Drummond is a Canadian sommelier, wine consultant, and writer who acts as Senior Editor and Director of Programs for Toronto not-for-profit Good Food Revolution. Drummond has served as a wine judge for Intervin, BioVino, Ontario Wine Awards, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. He also occasionally DJ's in Toronto as DJ Non Doctor.

Cass Enright -
Cass Enright is the president of Ontario's premier beer resource The Bar Towel, and host of the Golden Tap Awards. He is also the founder of Free Our Beer and the Brewery Market.

Anders Kissmeyer
Born in Århus, Denmark, Anders holds MSc’s in brewing (Scandinavian School of Brewing 1984) and Chemical Engineering (Danish Technical University 1983). After a 16 year carreer in Quality Management and international brewing at Carlsberg, Anders left Carlsberg in 2001 to start work on establishing a Danish craft brewery heavily inspired by the US craft brewing scene. This project resulted in Nørrebro Bryghus, where Anders was first the CEO, later Brewery Director until February 2010. Nørrebro Bryghus ( was in 2010 rated as the 38th best brewery in the world by ’’, and in 2010 it won 2 Gold and one Silver at the World Beer Cup, making it the most succesfull European brewery in the competition.

Since then, Anders is in charge of his own brewing, consulting and communications company, Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing. Anders is the current Technical Editor of the Scandinavian Brewer’s Review, and he has served on the Council of the EBC, is a board member in the Danish Brewer’s Association, teaches at the Scandinavian School of Brewing, and judges both national and international beer competitions, incl. the World Beer Cup, GABF, BIIA the IBC Japan and the Mondial de la Biére. In August 2011 Anders was awarded as the best still active Master Brewer graduated from the Scandinavian School of Brewing by nomination from his peers.

Beau's Oktoberfest - List of Beers Available

What you'll find in your Stein during Beau's Oktoberfest in Vankleek Hill, ON: Sept 30-Oct 2

7 Different Beau's Brews on Offer...
  • Lug•Tread Lagered Ale
  • Night•Märzen Oktoberfest Lager
  • 5 New Wild Oats Series Beers
  • Smokin' Banana Peel (Maple Smoked Hefeweizen)
  • Two Weeks Notice (German Porter)
  • Weiss O'Lantern (Pumpkinweiss)
  • Dr. Jekyll (Lug•Tread Night•Marzen Blend)
  • Mr. Hyde (Roggenbier meets RyePA)

Lagered Ale • 5.2% alc./vol
LUG•TREAD LAGERED ALE is our award winning, flagship beer. Golden-hued, crisp and finely balanced, LUG•TREAD is a tribute to the classic beer of Cologne, Germany. LUG•TREAD is top fermented (like an ale) and then cold aged (like a lager) for a lengthy period. This imparts light ale notes that are complemented by a lager-like crispness. LUG•TREAD displays interwoven malt and hop flavours, subtle fruit flavours and a crisp, lingering finish.

Oktoberfest Lager • 5.5% alc./vol.
Märzen is the traditional Oktoberfest style of beer. Our only regularly produced lager, this rich malty beer uses just the right amount of noble hops to balance the Munich malts and features an ultra clean finish to complete the package. Like all our beer, NIGHT•MÄRZEN is brewed with local springwater, organic malts and organic hops.

5 New Wild Oats Series Beers
Matt O'Hara, Beau’s Master Brewer, and his team of Brewers (Chris, Kevin & Brad) have been hard at work formulating new and ridiculously tasty beers for OKTOBERFEST 2011. They are...

Smokin' Banana Peel - Hefeweizen
That classic Hefeweizen character with an intense banana aroma, but with an added smokiness from malts that were home-smoked at the brewery with maple wood (Canadian maple at that, too!). Simply put, banana pancakes with bacon.

Two Weeks Notice - German Porter • 6.0% alc./vol.
A very rare style that was originally created as a competitor to the popular London porter. So, what makes it a German porter? Why it's been brewed with lager yeast of course! The roasted barley provides chocolate flavours and the malt sweetness is complimented by a finely balanced bitterness.

Weiss O'Lantern - Pumpkinweiss
Orange hued with a tall creamy head, Weiss O' Lantern is a white beer brewed with pumpkin. Pumpkin citrus fruit and spice flavours shine through it's full, wheat body. The finish is lively, zippy and darn refreshing.

Dr. Jekyll - Lug•Tread - Night•Märzen Blend • 5.2% alc./vol.
Am I a kolsch or a marzen? A little bit of both I say, -
what's that? Mr. Hyde rapping at my door methinks.... The delicately malty, slightly fruity character of Lug•Tread dances lockstep with the more intensely bready, biscuity backbone of Night•Märzen, while taming some of its hop intensity. This blend is a perennial favorite around the brewery.

Mr. Hyde - Roggenbier meets RyePA • 7.0% alc./vol.
A tribute to the Roggenbiers of Germany, but done with with a North American twist. Deep copper in colour, Mr. Hyde is a rye beer that has been hopped aggressively in the American vein. However, it utilizes German hops to provide bitterness, flavour and aroma, while the rye malt provides an additional spiciness.

barVolo's Cask Days

OKTOBERFEST is excited to have our friends from barVolo's back to do a special edition of Cask Days again this year. A beer festival inside a beer festival, Cask Days will feature special one-off cask ales from craft breweries across Canada.

This Year's Participating Breweries Include...
Amsterdam Brewery (Toronto, On)
Barley Days Brewery (Prince Edward County, On)
Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. (Vankleek Hill, On)
Black Oak Brewing Co. (Toronto, On)
Brasserie Benelux (Montreal, Qc)
Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel! (St-Jerome, Qc)
Cameron’s (Oakville, On)
Church-Key Brewing Co. (Cambellford, On)
Clock Tower Brew Pub (Ottawa, On)
Durham Brewing (Pickering, On)
F&M Brewery (Guelph, On)
Flying Monkeys (Barrie, On)
Grand River Brewing (Cambridge, On)
Granite Brewery (Toronto, On)
Great Lakes Brewery (Toronto, On)
Hopfenstark (L’Assomption, Qc)
House Ales Nano-Brewery Project (Toronto, On)
Kensington Brewing (Toronto, On)
Lake of Bays Brewing (Baysville, On)
Le Trou Du Diable (Shawinigan, Qc)
Mill St. Brewery (Toronto, On)
Neustadt Springs Brewery (Neustadt, On)
Nickelbrook (Burlington, On)
Publican House Brewery (Peterborough, On)
Wellington Brewery (Guelph, On)

For more info on all the other cool stuff that barVolo and Cask Days do, check out their websites!

Additional Details:
$10 for 4 sample coupons and a souvenir sample glass (additional coupons avail for $2 a ticket)

2011 Toronto Beer Week Launch!

Kicking off the 2nd annual Toronto Beer Week with a Party
Join Us On Friday September 16th At The Amsterdam Brewery

September 12, 2011 (Toronto, ON) - The last party of the summer is set to begin. On Friday September 16th the 2nd annual Toronto Beer Week will hit the city with events at 50 of Hogtown’s finest establishments. We’d like to kick off the week early, which is why the first official cask will be tapped at the Amsterdam Brewing Company (21 Bathurst Street) at 12pm on Friday, which will be followed up with a number of unique Amsterdam offerings.

Last year’s launch was conducted by at the Mill Street Brewpub. While we’re keeping the same theme, we’re moving a little to the west and kicking things off at Amsterdam, who have been serving up great brews to the local market since 1985. Amsterdam epitomise the bright future of our local craft beer scene, having introduced a wide array of different styles in the past few years, as well as instituting a barrel-aging program for select creations. For the launch, the Amsterdam brew team have prepared a number of special one-off beers that display the full-range of flavours possible in the world’s favourite beverage. The Toronto Beer Week team will also have TBW t-shirts on site and will be handing out tickets to the Premium Beer Experience to lucky individuals! Complimentary snacks will also be available.

This should be a great photo opportunity as well as the ideal place to learn more about the week, and why we’re witnessing extraordinary growth as citizens join the craft beer revolution. We will discuss planned events, sample from fine beer, and answer any questions you may have. A number of brewers, licensees and brewery representatives will be attending, as well as members of the Toronto Beer Week Board. We hope to see you there!

To find out more information about events taking place during TBW, or to see the full list of 2011 participants, please visit our website at Follow us on and Like us on .

About Toronto Beer Week
Toronto Beer Week runs from September 16th-24th and celebrates great craft beer, the places that make it, and the establishments who serve it. Our inaugural 2010 week, saw hundreds of events at bars and restaurants across the city, and we’ve built on that success to add an additional weekend as well as more participating locations in 2011. A TBW event may be a five-course meal paired with different beers, it may be a selection of special “get it here or it’s gone brews”, or it might be a pub-crawl across some of our city’s finest watering holes. The diversity of events at Toronto Beer Week reflects the diversity of our craft beer culture, and our aim is to provide great and memorable experiences.

For further information contact:
Troy Burtch: -
Robert Symes:

Friday, September 9, 2011

2011 Canadian Brewing Award Winners

2011 Canadian Brewing Award Winners

North American Style Lager
Gold: Moosehead Lager, Moosehead Breweries Ltd.
Silver: Carling Lager, Molson Coors Canada
Bronze: Red Baron Lager, Brick Brewing Co. (ON)

North American Style Premium Lager
Gold: Muskoka Craft Lager, Muskoka Brewery (ON)
Silver: Great Western Pilsner, Great Western Brewing Co. (SK)
Bronze: Brewhouse Pilsner, Great Western Brewing Co. (SK)

European Style Lager (Pilsner)
Gold: Creemore Traditional Pilsner, Creemore Springs Brewery (ON)
Silver: Rickard’s Blonde, Molson Coors Canada
Bronze: Overboard Imperial Pilsner, Lighthouse Brewing Co. (BC)

North American Style Amber Lager
Gold: King Vienna Lager, King Brewery (ON)
Silver: Buzz Beer, Cool Beer Brewery (ON)
Bronze: Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale, Tree Brewing Co. (BC)

North American Style Dark Lager
Gold: King Dark Lager, King Brewery (ON)
Silver: Hermann’s Dark Lager, Vancouver Island Brewery (BC)
Bronze: Brewmaster’s Black Lager, Okanagan Spring Brewery (BC)

Light (Calorie-Reduced) Lager
Gold: Carling Light, Molson Coors Canada
Silver: Moosehead Light, Moosehead Breweries Ltd.
Bronze: Molson Canadian 67, Molson Coors Canada

Bock – Traditional German Style
Gold: Hermannator Ice Bock, Vancouver Island Brewery (BC)
Silver: Navigator Doppelbock, Lighthouse Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: Captivator Doppelbock, Tree Brewing Co. (BC)

Gold: Creemore Kellerbier, Creemore Springs Brewery (ON)
Silver: Helles, Microbrasserie Hopfenstark (QC)
Bronze: Howe Sound Lager, Howe Sound Brewing Co. (BC)

Gold: Coffee Porter, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
Silver: La Gaspesienne No. 13, Microbrasserie Pit Caribou (QC)
Bronze: Muskoka Dark Ale, Muskoka Brewery (ON)

Strong Porter (Baltic)
Gold: Grand Baltic Porter, Garrison Brewing Co. (NS)
Silver: Porter, Okanagan Spring Brewery (BC)

Cream Ale
Gold: Northumberland Ale, Church Key Brewing (ON)
Silver: Original 16, Great Western Brewing Co. (SK)
Bronze: Sleeman Cream Ale, Sleeman Breweries

Gold: High County Kolsch, Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. (BC)
Silver: Harvest Moon Organic Hemp Ale, Nelson Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: Analog 78, Phillips Brewing Co. (BC)

North American Style Amber/Red Ale
Gold: Sea Dog Amber Ale, Vancouver Island Brewery (BC)
Silver: Yukon Red Amber, Yukon Brewing Co. (YT)
Bronze: La Bringue, Acadie-Broue Inc. (NB)

North American Style Blonde/Golden Ale
Gold: Red Cap, Brick Brewing Co. (ON)
Silver: Moosehead Pale Ale, Moosehead Breweries Ltd.
Bronze: Garibaldi Honey Pale Ale, Howe Sound Brewing Co. (BC)

Brown Ale
Gold: Brown Ale, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
Silver: Nut Brown, Amsterdam Brewing Co. (ON)
Bronze: Bytown Brown Ale, Clocktower Brewpub (ON)

Scotch Ale
Gold: St. Ambroise Scotch Ale, McAuslan Brewing Inc. (QC)
Silver: Scotch Ale, Swans Buckerfields Brewery (BC)
Bronze: Wellington Iron Duke, Wellington Brewery. (ON)

English Style Pale Ale (Bitter)
Gold: Best Bitter, Picaroon’s Traditional Ales (NB)
Silver: Baldwin and Cooper Best Bitter, Howe Sound Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: Pandora Pale Ale, Swans Buckerfields Brewery (BC)

North American Style Pale Ale (Bitter)
Gold: Crazy Canuck Pale Ale, Great Lakes Brewery (ON)
Silver: Miami Weiss, Great Lakes Brewery (ON)
Bronze: East Side Bitter, R&B Brewing Co. (BC)

Wheat Beer – Belgian Style White/Wit
Gold: Belgian Wit, Granville Island Brewing Co. (BC)
Silver: Oranje Weiss, Amsterdam Brewing Co. (ON)
Bronze: Blanche de Chambly, Unibroue (QC)

Wheat Beer – German Style Hefeweizen
Gold: Hill’s Special Wheat, Yaletown Brewing Co. (BC)
Silver: Summer Weiss, Muskoka Brewery (ON)
Bronze: True North Wunder Weisse, Magnotta Brewery (ON)

Wheat Beer – North American Style
Gold: Sir John A Honey Wheat, Gahan Brewery (PEI)
Silver: Grasshopper Wheat, Big Rock Brewery (AB)
Bronze: Dooryard Summer Ale, Picaroon’s Traditional Ales (NB)

Belgian Style Abbey Ale
Gold: Dominus Vobiscum Hibernus, Microbrasserie Charlevoix (QC)
Silver: Dominus Vobiscum Triple, Microbrasserie Charlevoix (QC)
Bronze: Noire de Chambly, Unibroue (QC)

Belgian Style Strong Specialty Ale
Gold: Don de Dieu, Unibroue (QC)
Silver: Trois Pistoles, Unibroue (QC)
Bronze: Quatre-Centieme, Unibroue (QC)

English Style Barley Wine
Gold: Thor’s Hammer, Central City Brewing Co. (BC)
Silver: St. Ambroise Vintage Ale, McAuslan Brewing Inc. (QC)
Bronze: Woolly Bugger, Howe Sound Brewing Co. (BC)

American Style Barley Wine
Gold: Frappabord, Microbrasserie du Lac Saint-Jean (QC)
Silver: Unicorn Ale, Great Lakes Brewery (ON)
Bronze: Ol’ Fog Burner, Garrison Brewing Co. (NS)

Gold: Timber Hog Stout, Picaroon’s Traditional Ales (NB)
Silver: Diamond Head Oatmeal Stout, Howe Sound Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, McAuslan Brewing Inc. (QC)

Imperial Stout
Gold: Tartan Tsar Russian Imperial Stout, Bushwakker Brewing Co. (SK)
Silver: Dude Where's My Czar?, Great Lakes Brewery (ON)
Bronze: Stout Imperiale, Microbrasserie La Chouape (QC)

English Style India Pale Ale
Gold: Beaver River, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. (ON)
Silver: Hoppelganger IPA, R&B Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: Yippee IPA, Picaroon’s Traditional Ales (NB)

American Style India Pale Ale
Gold: Fat Tug IPA, Driftwood Brewing Co. (BC)
Silver: Mad Tom IPA, Muskoka Brewery (ON)
Bronze: Citra IPA, Dead Frog Brewery (BC)

Imperial India Pale Ale
Gold: Ten Bitter Years, Black Oak Brewing Co. (ON)
Silver: Red Racer Imperial, Central City Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: Hop Head Double IPA, Tree Brewing Co. (BC)

French and Belgian Style Saison
Gold: No Chance With Miranda, Great Lakes Brewery (ON)
Silver: Saison Station 55, Microbrasserie Hopfenstark (QC)
Bronze: Nit Wit, Garrison Brewing Co. (NS)

Special Honey/Maple Lager or Ale
Gold: Sap Sucker Maple Porter, Fernie Brewing Co. (BC)
Silver: Cypress Honey Lager, Granville Island Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: Royal York Stinger, Mill Street Brewery (ON)

Fruit Beer
Gold: Pepper Lime Lager, Dead Frog Brewery (BC)
Silver: St. Ambroise Raspberry Ale, McAuslan Brewing Inc. (QC)
Bronze: Ginger Beer, Granville Island Brewing Co. (BC)

Fruit Wheat Beer
Gold: Framboise, Amsterdam Brewing Co. (ON)
Silver: Ephemere Pommes, Unibroue (QC)
Bronze: Thai Wheat, Pump House Brewery Ltd. (NB)

Pumpkin Beer
Gold: St. Ambroise Pumpkin Ale, McAuslan Brewing Inc. (QC)
Silver: Pumpkineater Imperial Pumpkin Ale, Howe Sound Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: Highballer Pumpkin Ale, Grand River Brewing Co. (ON)

Wood and Barrel Aged Beer
Gold: Serendipity #3, Tree Brewing Co. (BC)
Silver: American Whisky Barrel, Cameron’s Brewing Co. (ON)
Bronze: Winter Ale Barrel-Aged, Great Lakes Brewery (ON)

Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Beer
Gold: Buteuse Brassin Special, Microbrasserie Le Trou Du Diable (QC)
Silver: Singularity Russian Imperial Stout, Driftwood Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: Ol' Fog Burner (Glenora Barrel-Aged), Garrison Brewing Co. (NS)

Wood and Barrel Aged Sour Beer
Gold: Dulcis Succubus, Microbrasserie Le Trou Du Diable (QC)
Silver: Yaletown Oud Bruin, Yaletown Brewing Co. (BC)

Experimental Beer
Gold: Cache-a-epices, Microbrasserie du Lac Saint-Jean (QC)
Silver: Megadestroyer Imperial Licorice Stout, Howe Sound Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: 666, Le Saint-Bock Brasserie Artisanale (QC)

Beer of the Year – Fat Tug IPA, Driftwood Brewing Co. (BC)

Brewery of the Year – Picaroon’s Traditional Ales (NB)
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